Minimum Wage Tracker

Keeping track of current minimum wage rates can be challenging, particularly if you are an employer that operates in several jurisdictions. Use the map below to find the current minimum wage rate that applies to your location. Use the Minimum Wage Tracker’s filter tool and sidebar to compare state minimum wage rates, recent changes and upcoming minimum wage increases.

What Rate Applies?
Minimum wage rates vary by jurisdiction. Depending on its location, a business is subject to the federal, state and local minimum wage law. So what minimum wage rate applies? The minimum wage rate that provides the greater benefit to the worker (i.e., the highest minimum wage rate) is the wage rate that applies.

When Do Minimum Wage Rates Change?
Minimum wage rates change frequently. The minimum wage rate is either a fixed or adjustable rate. A fixed minimum wage rate is a specific amount established by law. Sometimes the law will schedule specific, incremental increases in the minimum wage rate over time.

Adjustable minimum wage rates are tied to inflation. States or localities that adjust minimum wage rates for inflation usually tie the minimum wage rate to the local Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI is measured every year and the percentage increase in the CPI is applied to the minimum wage rate to achieve an inflation-adjusted minimum wage rate.

Scheduled minimum wage rate increases and inflation-adjusted minimum wage rates usually occur once per year. New minimum wage rates typically go into effect on January 1 or July 1, but changes can happen at any time. Employers should be aware of the current minimum wage rate and prepared for future increases in the minimum wage rate.

What is the Current Minimum Wage?
View current minimum wage rates from the Economic Policy Institute here.

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